Water-Themed Art Works : Why Plumbing Knowledge Must Combine with Creativity

Take notice of plumbing companies that mention offers of commercial plumbing services, which makes us wonder how commercial differs from residential plumbing. Modern commercial buildings today have designs that include complex plumbing systems that support works of art using real natural water. They sometimes cascade down gardens but flowing back to the top, continuously serving as the garden’s source of constant water supply.

This made us realize that the architecturally-designed water fountains, gardens and rides in theme parks and resorts, all require intricate and well-designed plumbing systems. Architects are responsible for creating the aesthetic features of a water-themed design, while plumbing engineers build the foundations on which the fixtures, piping and all other appurtenances to make a fountain or a cascading garden work. This includes making secure spaces for electrical installations and ensuring connections to sanitary drainage facilities, whilst keeping public and private water supply safe from contamination,

California Defies Drought History with Plumbing Art Works

Despite California’s history of perennial droughts affecting the life of California residents, there are modern buildings in high-tech cities that have water works of art that require advanced plumbing systems. Still, the use of new plumbing technologies is only as good as the creative imagination and clever ingenuity of the architect and the plumbing engineer.

Being The “Capital of Silicon Valley,” the city is not wanting in plumbing resources as even the best plumbing company can be called upon to provide fast and reliable commercial plumbing services.

Such projects require more than just professional licenses, since their knowledge must combine with artistic and  creative skills especially in terms of style and symmetry.

In most cases, they are installed as the centerpiece of a garden, while some others are built in walls as water murals of waterfalls adorning swimming pool landscape. Some water-themed art are short-lived by nature; they do not require complex plumbing connections the way large indoor fountains do and water-rides do.

Water murals in San Jose became quite popular in 2018, when city officials invited San Jose artists to paint murals, including the walls located underneath the river walk. The mural is located at the Blossom Hill Road in the Valley Water Almaden Campus was produced by Harumo Sato, a Japanese artist who witnessed numerous protest actions against the American government’s role in the infamous Vietnam war as it had claimed the lives of many US servicemen.


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