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Art Promotion In the Modern World

The sale of works of art has so far been primarily an offline business. But start-ups and artists see the network more and more as an opportunity to create a mainstay and reach the whole world online.

Art fairs all over the world are a tradition that brings together artists and collectors. Before the internet, artists rely on trade and art fairs to sell their works of art. But in this modern world, the internet has opened doors for artists to sell their art and communicate with many collectors worldwide.

The market is small but creative

Customers from the internet, through social media and video sharing sites like YouTube, turned over 2.5 billion euros in 2013, writes the report of the European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF), which examines the global art market once a year. Even if many artists have invested a little on applications to boost their profile (such as the purchase of cheap youtube views and facebook ads), the outcome had been great in terms of customers and sales.

What sounds like a large amount of money has so far been equivalent to only about five percent of the worldwide sale of art and antiques. The so-called first sales are often fresh works that come to new lovers. So far, art prints and photographs have mainly been added. But something is changing here, the analysts write. And many young, web-savvy artists have a part in this.

“For me, the network is a stroke of luck,” says Stefanie Schairer. Since she’s been there, almost ten years now, its importance is growing more and more. The Berlin artist is active in several artist networks, uses social media and, of course, sells her works via online portals. “But,” she continues, “you shouldn’t expect it to go quickly. I put up a page and then I start selling? No, the net is like a seed that needs to sprout, you need patience.”

“A website is like a catalog on the Internet,” adds wood sculptor Nora Leschinski. She works far from the bubbling art scene in a capital in the Thuringian province. The network also plays a crucial role here. “I spend several hours online every day,” she says. “The network allows me to live a secluded, natural life.” And yet almost everyone around the world has access to their work display of small sculptures, graphics and pictures.

Art sold online is rarely expensive, but the market is changing

In general, the art world today understands better that the Internet is a platform that simplifies the sale of art many times over, says Marius Sowka. His Copenhagen start-up Artworkheroes focuses on an inexpensive and charitable niche. It offers high-quality prints, not only on paper but also on bags and clothing. “Each purchase not only brings income to the artist but also supports small, certified charities,” says Sowka. “That’s why we call our artists ArtworkHeroes, they are heroes who not only beautify the world but also make them a little bit better with their donations.”

Art needs the net, but cannot do without offline

Regardless of whether the works of art on the net are expensive or not. The market will grow, that’s what the analysts of the TEFAF report assume. At least a quarter of a year should go up, in 2020 a turnover of ten billion euros is possible. This number includes online sales of auction houses as well as classic art sellers and providers who specialize exclusively in online trading. With a new, younger generation of collectors and those interested in art, prices beyond a few hundred euros and other styles, such as sculptures or large paintings, came into focus.

What is Data Integrity in the Field of Arts?

As an artist who uses the internet to showcase his or her artwork is risky. There are many stalkers who can just grab your work and sell it as there own. While there is no easy solution for this, the best solution is prevention. Data integrity is serious when it comes to protecting your business. Let us first define what is data integrity.

Google says that data integrity is part of information security that protects the author’s sensitive information. This includes any type of business information, artwork, and even personal information. It is essential to protect one’s information to avoid your data from being used for another’s gain or used against the same business or another business causing it to fail.

In arts, marketing is an essential part of the business. Poor marketing may mean the success or failure of your art business. These days, the internet has played a huge role for many modern artists including aspiring new artists. The downfall of showcasing an artwork online includes copyright issues that may lead to your artwork being used by others without your authorization. What to do to prevent this is straightforward. But what to do when it already happened will involve a lot of time, legal work, and headache.

Protecting your Artwork Online

How to protect your artwork online

Laws in every state or country have prepared specific laws to protect the arts. This includes copyright laws and piracy laws. However, these laws are not enough to protect your artwork from being stolen. So below are some things that you can do to add more protective measures to your art.

  • Use watermark
  • Use invisible information to your artwork
  • Disabling right click to save or download your art
  • Use low resolution images for your work
  • Add signature to your work
  • Use digital watermarking

If you need more protection for your art, contact a web developer or an online marketing strategist for further protection.


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