Everything You Need To Know About Art Prints

Art prints are created through artistic printing processes and are intended to reproduce works of art as faithfully as possible. The special thing about art prints is the variety of colors and high quality. The printing process is called art reproduction, in the end, an art copy is created. Art prints and posters vary greatly in quality and durability. Since most people don’t know the difference, the term poster is often used to refer to an art print.

General information on the digital printing process

The digital printing process, also known as Direct Digital Printing is a fast, direct printing process. The printer receives data from the computer and can produce prints in no time. The printing inks and p1102 toner are transferred directly to the material to be printed and you do not need a fixed printing form that cannot be changed.

The digital printing process is the most flexible and a wide variety of prints can be printed one after the other. The selection of motifs, formats, and papers for digital art prints is huge and individually selectable. For small print quantities and individual prints, the digital printing process offers unbeatable value for money.

p1102 toner

Which printers are used for digital art prints?

Inkjet or Laser printers are commonly used to create digital prints.

The laser printer works with electric charges. Unlike other printers, it saves and prints whole pages at once. In the laser printer, an image drum rotates, which is hit by laser beams and generates charges. The “charged” areas adhere to colored powder, which is then fixed by a roller at a temperature of 200°C.

The inkjet printer prints the image line by line. The print head contains nozzles through which the printing inks are sprayed from ink chambers onto the fabric to be printed. The inkjet can be created by either heat or electrical impulses. The heat or electrical impulses cause the ink chambers to “discharge”. Modern inkjet printers use other inks in addition to the four primary colors.

What are the advantages of digital art prints?

Digital art prints can be produced quickly and individually since no fixed printing form is required. A digital print does not have to be prepared for a long time; once the image data is in the computer, it can simply be sent to the printer and printed out.

There is a large selection of art paper, photo paper, canvas, wallpaper, aluminum composite panels, art cards, and glass. You can print almost all materials with various digital printing processes.

In addition to the large selection of backgrounds for the picture, there is the possibility to choose between many different types of shapes.

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