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Breda is a small town in the north of Brabant, Netherlands. If you visit this country, it may not be at the beginning of the list. It is the ninth largest city in the Netherlands, but it is still a paradise for tourists. In addition, you can also see that Breda has a lot of street art.

Breda’s street art scene is very powerful. Several city’s murals are produced by the Blindwall Gallery project. This innovative initiative began in 2014 with support from local and private sponsors. The project invites artists to draw walls to enhance the city’s image.

In the next four years, Breda in the Netherlands will achieve a spectacular visual transformation, one wall at one time. The Blind Walls Gallery project, started by the Breda Graphic Design Festival, covers the gray urban surface of the mural and tells the history of the city through itself, motivated by the recent, present and future. The Breda Graphic Design Festival will work with Breda and its residents, local entrepreneurs and owners to invite domestic and international street artists, graphic designers printers and illustrators to showcase their creativity and talent and make this town Vibrant and beautiful.

So far, they have succeeded in having some famous street artists paint Breda’s beautiful murals. But the project also comes in contact with illustrators, graphic designers and printers. I think there are new elements to creating a very exciting outdoor gallery.

Bob Marley: Street Art Mural

Dutch Most Popular Street Art

Ben Eine is also a famous British city artist who participated in the project. If you’re an artist on the street, you probably know a lot of typographic printing with a signature. Breda is actually located in a subway station near the railway station, which has completed four large murals.

M-City, an artist from Poland, also left his mark on the city. His mural is a future-oriented robot inspired by the history of Breda’s industry. It is not surprising that industrial and mechanical elements often appear in his work. Throughout his career, he has painted more than 700 murals in the world.

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Suitable for day trips in Rotterdam (51 km), Amsterdam (107 km) and Antwerp (81 km). Or just book a  Beste taxi van Breda to introduce you to the wonderful street art of the Netherlands.

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