Why Hiring an Art Major is the Best Solution for Your Patio Company?

You’ve just started your own patio design and installation company. You have a lot of ideas and you know what your clients want. But there is something holding you back from making that first step towards success: You don’t know how to draw.

How are you going to come up with all those fancy designs? How are you going to build that perfect outdoor space without breaking a sweat? Do people even hire artists these days? It’s not like we live in the Renaissance where everyone was an artist, right? That sounds exactly what every new business owner thinks. But here’s why hiring an art major is actually the best solution for a patio companies Perth.

Art Majors Understand Visual Aesthetics

Hiring an art major gives you a visual advantage over other patio companies in your area. In fact, a recent survey found that 87% of consumers are more likely to buy a product if it has a visual component.

This means that your company’s website, marketing materials and social media posts should be visually captivating in order to attract customers. A talented art major can provide the visual aesthetic you need to attract clients.

Art Majors are Skilled Communicators and Negotiators

Communication is a vital skill for any employee. Art majors are skilled communicators, and many of them have experience as sales consultants and event planners.

Having a communicative, well-spoken team member will help you negotiate with vendors and suppliers, and create a positive brand image. An art major’s interpersonal skills will also help you create a positive work environment that attracts top-quality employees.

Art Majors Know how to Run a Business Effectively

Many art majors have experience running their own businesses. If you hire an art major, there’s a good chance they will have experience in marketing, retail and event planning. This can help your business run more efficiently.

A talented art major can help with everything from hiring new team members to creating new marketing strategies. Hiring an art major means you’re hiring a jack-of-all-trades who can help your business grow and succeed.

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