Using art and writing to express ourselves

Art may be a wonderful way of expressing ourselves. Writing is another great way of expressing ourselves further. Those two mediums of self-expression are what I take advantage of personally to assist express not only myself but my emotions and my thoughts, especially during this pandemic. Doing so could be a healthy way of coping and expressing our emotions and feelings. We will draw friends hang around and play with one another, and write about how we miss wiggling with our friends. We are able to paint rainy skies to point out our sadness, and journal about why we are feeling.

I personally prefer to pen how I’m feeling, and so maybe draw after. I want to paint, and my family loved my paintings. I painted once I was sad after I was angry, and after I was happy similarly. Did you recognize that colors actually represent emotions? I’ve got a link to an internet site that shows what colors represent and impact what emotion if anyone would love to be told more.

With writing, you’ll type on your laptop or mobile device, or use a notebook or sheet of paper and pen. Sometimes I even use colored pens to jot down to create it a bit fun! don’t be afraid to jot down how you’re feeling. If you would like or value it more highly, share it with a trusted adult. don’t be afraid to enjoy doing art to also express yourself and your emotions. Just remember, that there’s no such thing as mistakes in art. Mistakes can sometimes be an inspiration! Use a pen, marker, paint, or any art medium you choose! Also, you’ll invite your friends over video call to draw and do art with you, whether or not you want to social distance still. This was my tackle using art and writing to precise yourself and your emotions during the pandemic.


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