The Art of Parenting Your Teen: Tips and Suggestions!

Healthy parenting a teenager? A tremendous teen who’s reliable, thoughtful, shows great judgment, at the most limited time? Yes, it is definitely possible! Here’s your game plan, with some important points.

You might not feel like you have a significant impact on your kid in the present times, but teens’ performance is extremely correlated with the power of their relationships with their mother and father.

1. Always take note that you’re a parent, AND also a reliable companion.

Teens seek the confidence of understanding their parents know what they are feeling, know their worth, and care for them regardless of what happens–so they do want the connection to be similar to that of friendship. But they also have to feel like they have some freedom, so sometimes you might feel a bit left out. If you can establish your closeness in an nice way that doesn’t take advantage of your position as a parent to dictate your child he/she must or must not do, he’s more possible to open up and share with you.

2. Have a quality together time.

Make sure to monitor them regularly. A couple of minutes of conversation while you’re doing household chores, after dinner or right before sleeping, can keep you updated in and build comfortable communication. Even those who seem to have ignored who their parents are the other day usually respond greatly to a nice hug and check-in chat the moment they are getting ready for bed.

Don’t just buy them toys as they are not all the time inclined to it.

3. Do parenting actively and properly.

Don’t trigger rebellious acts by declining to recognize that your son or daughter is growing up and have more independence. But don’t be frightened to ask what your children are up to, who they are going to be with, and what activity they will be doing. Get to know their friends and their parents as well so you’re familiar with the things they like to do.

4. Try to be there after school.

The biggest risk zone for drug use and sex isn’t weekend night; it’s actually between 3 and 6 PM on weekdays. Request for flexible time at work if you should. If your child will be with friends, make sure there’s adult guidance, not just someone who is a few years older with them.

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