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The Monalisa Painting Has A Twin

As a tribute to Leonardo’s work, many new works were created over the centuries. But one thing only amazed the experts in 2012. At the “Mona Lisa de Prado” it is a picture that was probably painted by Francesco Melzi, Leonardo da Vinci’s favorite student and main heir, in the master’s workshop at the same time as the original.

Leonardo’s Legacy: Francesco Melzi and the Leonardeschi at the National Gallery

The special feature of the picture, which hung unrecognized for years on the wall in the Madrid Pinakothek, was discovered during restoration work. The background of the picture was only subsequently painted over with dark oil paints. Underneath there is an Italian-looking landscape, just like in the Mona Lisa original.

The painter also made changes during his work, as can also be seen in Leonardo’s work, explained art experts at the Prado Museum and described their chance find as the “twin of the Mona Lisa”. The Louvre not only confirmed the painting’s origin but even put it on the side of the original for some time in 2012.

Another picture, called the “twin of the Mona Lisa” and presented to the public in Geneva in 2012, is said to be ten years older than the original. Critics, however, see no evidence that the painting discovered in England in 1913 is a work by Leonardo da Vinci.

The original Monalisa hangs in the Louvre

Every day, thousands of interested visitors stand in long queues in the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa. At 77 by 53 centimeters, the painting is rather small. It is the only work of art that hangs on a separate wall behind armored glass that is triple alarmed.

It should be protected from humidity and temperature fluctuations, from theft and attacks, but also from the vibrations that thousands of onlookers generate every day. However, no one can or must say exactly whether the exhibit is actually the original.

Among the many stories that exist about the Mona Lisa, there are also some that deal with the fact that the original was exchanged for a forgery during the theft in 1911 or when the Nazis came to power.

The late art historian Deborah Dixon was also certain that the original from the 16th century was not hanging in the Louvre. And to this day, the art icon Mona Lisa, which was originally intended as a homage to female virtue, fuels people’s imagination and thirst for knowledge.

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