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Useful Tutorials in The Field of Traditional Art

Sometimes you have no idea how to draw a certain part of a portrait and 10 attempts precede it. Especially save yourself the trouble, because nowadays Youtube is full of art tutorials.

Of course, trying yourself is instructive, but viewing other people’s work can also be very instructive and to buy views youtube can be more instructive. In this article, will share 10 YouTube content makers who make useful tutorials in the field of traditional art.

10 Useful Tutorials  In The Field Of Traditional Art

Mark Crilley

Chris started his YouTube channel on December 5, 2011. His ultimate goal is to design within the game industry. He focuses, among other things, on speed art, character development, traditional art and celeb portraits on his channel. Also useful to know: Chris also accepts commissions!


Stan Prokopenki is a teacher and artist. He shares useful, short videos in which he, for example, explains and shows the anatomy of a leg. There are also short films to be seen in which he discusses common mistakes. Proko is a real entertainer. He is (in contrast to many other YouTube cartoonists) much to see in his own videos.


A slightly less known channel, but very instructive is that of James. This channel actually falls largely under digital art. But here and there you can also find traditional tutorials. I myself recommend everyone to his video “Perspective Basics III: Ellipses” The video looks complicated, but if you follow the steps slowly, it is easy to do! Don’t be put off by the complicated linework!


Looking for inspiration? Do you like watching time-lapses? Then take a look at this channel. TheBoxOfficeArtist draws many well-known cartoon characters. Marvel characters, in particular, are a favorite of him. His films are fast and creative; no hassle about mirrors, just to the point!


Are you interested in perspective and architecture? Be sure to view this channel! Tin McPherson focuses on depth lines and perspectives. This way you can learn to draw a 1-point perspective in 15 minutes. Landscapes and optical illusions also appear a lot on this channel.

FineArt tips

The artist behind FineArt tips is called Leonardo Pereznieto. He shares videos about, among other things, optical illusions, 3D, people, body parts and animals. Leonardo has nearly 1 million followers and has exhibited in various countries (London, Florence, Paris, Mexico, etc.).


Yes! Finally a dutchie in the list. Marcel Witte is an artist, born in Uithoorn. If you are looking for an artist who can inspire you in areas such as animals and fur, then you should definitely go to this channel. My favorite is Marcel’s painting of a lion. You will be included in the process from the silver screen to the end result. Certainly worth watching!


Darlene is a Vietnamese-Canadian artist. Darlene makes tutorials for both beginners and advanced draftsmen. A very useful video is her tutorial: How to draw a nose. Darlene takes you through the process in 16 minutes. Her video: How to draw hair is extremely useful.

Emmy Kalia

I would describe Emma Kalia as the typical Instagram / Pinterest draftsman; many modern drawings of famous models such as Doutzen Kroes and Barbara Palvin pass by.

Emma explains which products she uses with every tutorial. Are you a beginner and you don’t know which basic items you need? Then I would definitely watch her channel!


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