Options to Consider in Choosing a Filtro Prensa

Actually, there are plenty of applications in which filtro prensa can be used within the industry. One of which is the separation of solids and liquid masses. The chemical, pharmaceuticals, waste and water treatment, mineral processing, food and beverages, and the power generation are the common industries where filtro prensas are found.

There are a number of product manufacturing procedures that generally utilize the use of filtro prensas. Along with this is the effective waste material management separations. They are basically required to retract water or recover solid matters from the dewatering process. 

Options in Selecting Filtro Prensa System

Since the filtro prensa has been used broadly within the industry, there are actually lots of equipment available to choose from. This is also one way of art promotion in a modern world. Below are the most common options to consider for your selection. 

1. Filtro prensa plate design

The origin of the first filtro prensas were made of basic rectangular frames trapped among the flat solid plates with grooves. This is the source of the term plate and frame Filter Press.

Between the frame and the flat plates, there is the accumulation of solid matters through the filtration cloths. However, in terms of the plate and frame design, there are some concerns in the aspect of dewatered solid removal from the frame. 

2. Filtro prensa plate support beam design

The supporting system of the filtro prensa beam designs is also a basic option. Actually, there are basic designs under this style. The first one is the over beam which gives support to the overhead beams as it allows a total access to all sides and bottom of the plates. For the second design is the side beam in which the support is coming from the sides of the filtro prensa with long beams.

3. Filtrate water discharge selection

The filtrate is usually removed while the dewatering process is in progress. This was done through the passage on a filter cloth attached on the plates via internal ports. Another water removal option from the press is also known as the open filtrate discharge. This usually permits the operator to analyse the quantity as well as the cleanliness of the filtrate on each plate. 

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