Managing Your Online Presence to Boost Your Artwork’s Exposure

Navigating through social media could be a real challenge. Luckily, there are social media experts such as that can help in managing your account and grow your followers and fan base while improving your engagement. It is fairly easy to make a post on Instagram and leave it there. But if you have an art business, do you think that it is all what it takes to get enough exposure?

Your IG account and any other social media profiles you have is a reflection of your art brand. Basically, it’s an extension of it. Whether you like it or not, people will be judging your artwork base on the posts you made. What’s more, there are increasing number of collectors who are turning to IG in finding and collecting new art.

Regardless if you have to be better in posting new content or learn how to maximize the use of hashtags “#”, it is crucial to bring things up a notch. Today, there are many different ways on how it can be done actually.

Account Completion

Whenever a prospective buyer happens to stumble on your account, you can almost immediately initiate a relationship with them by ensuring that your name, bio and image looks professional.

First things first, don’t complicate your username. As much as possible, use your real name along with keywords like “artist”, studio name or the medium that you’re working in. Then after, pick a thumbnail image in which fans could easily identify with. Lastly, make a brief bio but be sure it’s descriptive.

Careful with who You Follow

Among the best ways of getting more followers to your account is by means of following the “suggested users”. IG has created these suggested as per the people on your contact list, those you follow or posts that you previously liked.

To be able to find them, look at the top right corner of the app and click the icon with the person and “+” sign. This is going to bring you to the “Discover People” section along with suggested list of users. After following someone, they’ll get a notification together with your profile waiting to be viewed. More often than not, people will be following you back because they are in the same niche and interests as yours.

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