How the Internet Makes a Difference in Revealing Art to the World

Art is a form of communication that visually conveys how an artist sees a person, an object and anything in which he or she sees a meaning. Modern artists are more fortunate than their predecessors because the advent of the Internet makes it possible for them to reveal their art to the world.

Many used to have the misconception that the subject of true art must always be a thing of beauty to behold; limiting the concept of art to those that meet the traditional standards of beauty. Yet this particular thinking was debunked years ago, but its arguments were not as widely accepted as they are today. Mainly because, true art before can be discovered and viewed by ordinary people, only in art galleries and museums within communities.

True Art Has In-Depth Meaning that Allows it to Speak for Itself

Let us use as an example James McNeill Whistler’s oil painting of his mother, popularly known as “Portrait of Whistler’s Mother.” Although American born, Whistler did the painting of his mother while they were in living in London in 1871. Originally titled “Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1”, Whistler submitted the artwork for the 104th Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Art in London.

However, the painting nearly failed to garner the approval of the academy, which made Whistler decide “The Arrangement in Grey and Black No. 1” was also the last he will arrange for the Academy.

When the painting was acquired by the Paris’s Musée du Luxembourg, the “Portrait of Whistler’s Mother” attracted not only museum audience and wealthy art patrons but also imitators. Using Whistler’s portrait of his mother as inspiration, many had painted portraits of models posed in a similar position, and at the same time, copied Whistler’s reserved use of color palette.

Years later during the Victorian Era, Whistler’s oil painting of his mother, became an icon for symbolizing motherhood and family values, particularly of one’s affection for parents. Through all those years and while the world acknowledged his work with respect and deference, Whistler kept remembering how badly his mother’s portrait was received in England.

Art Must Therefore Reach a Wider Range of Audience for Its Message to be Conveyed

Visual artists of today are luckier, because they do not have to conform to what a specific group of exhibitors, impose as standards when considering an artwork worthy of appreciation. Modern artists can explore and experiment on different types of visual art, whilst harnessing modern technology in locating and reaching their audience.

Sharing artwork by way of the YouTube platform is one way of letting the world see what an artist has to reveal. At the same time, the platform’s ad monetization scheme also allows struggling artists to earn on the side. Social media marketers on the other hand, offer help by providing them with resources that can boost their visibility to a target audience.

Buy youtube subscribers, is an advice worth considering especially if an artist has very little time to devote in promoting his or her videos. However, such an arrangement comes with a condition that their YouTube videos is not intended for monetization purposes.

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