A Famous Painter with Bell’s Palsy

In a recent report, a famous painter is a sufferer of permanent Bell’s palsy.

Most recently, she gained national attention as being the painter of a former USA President’s self-portrait, that hangs from the Library of Congress.

Almost two decades back, the painter who’s very passionate about art, became afflicted with the condition. Originally, she believed that she had been afflicted by a stroke since half of her face became paralyzed all of the sudden.

Before receiving a diagnosis of Bell’s palsy from an expert facial paralysis physician, she guessed her facial paralysis could have resulted from a preceding eardrum operation that could have caused injury to the facial nerves, though it was later ascertained that this wasn’t the case.

She’s yet to experience any type of operation to correct her face paralysis, though there are a number of unique remedies which may be beneficial for her, such as Botox therapy (look for Ethos Spa Skin & Laser Center).



Bell’s palsy is a form of facial paralysis, which may happen without warning and is not entirely understood by investigators, though it is believed to happen as a result of an activation of a strand of herpes virus.

Most people who suffer from Bell’s palsy create a complete recovery in only a few months without the necessity of medical help or surgery, however, in about 15 percent of cases, permanent Bells’ palsy could occur.



In instances such as this, there are several different powerful nonsurgical and surgical treatments which may help promote facial reanimation, among the most popular being Botox therapy.

Because Bell’s palsy is generally not permanent, Botox has become a popular therapy due to its noninvasive nature. Botox works to unwind the paralyzed muscles, which in turn promotes more pliable and more balanced facial attributes.

Botox is also a thriving remedy in combating synkinesis, or involuntary muscle twitches, that sometimes occur along with the status. To learn more about the favorable effects of Botox therapy in people with Bell’s palsy, please make an appointment with a physician today.

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