Abstract expressionism is the phrase used to new types of abstract art created by American painters like Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko as well as Willem de Kooning in the 1940s and 1950s. It is frequently known for gestural brush-strokes or simply mark-making, and the impact of spontaneity

The abstract expressionists were mainly located in New York City and likewise known as the New York school. The title prompts their purpose to produce art that when abstract was furthermore expressive or sentimental in its result. They were motivated by the unique concept that art must originate from the unconscious thoughts.


In abstract expressionism were two large groups referred to as the action painters, who seem to attack their artwork with expressive brush movements; and also the colour field artists who filled their work with substantial sections of a single colour.

The action artists were brought by Jackson Pollock along with Willem de Kooning, who functioned in a natural improvisatory way usually using huge brushes to create sweeping gestured marks. Pollock once positioned his special canvas on the floor and danced all over it dripping paint from the can or walking it with the brush or a stick. In this method, the action painters instantly put their interior impulses on the painting.

The following group including Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman along with Clyfford Still. They were profoundly interested in religion and also myth and

produced simple formation with huge areas of colour meant to create an introspective or meditational effect in the spectator.

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Abstract expressionism is a painting movement

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